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25. Slow Control – Both Views Left Circuit

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25. Slow Control – Both Views Left Circuit


25. Slow Control – Both Views Left Circuit

The Module 1 Course is the essential guide if you need a methodical process to learn and visualise the actual Mod 1 motorcycle test.

Module 1 Course

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  • Most riders struggle with the concept of Slow Control, if you add this to the mix when you are nervous the module 1 motorcycle test can become a very daunting prospect indeed.

    Learning what you need to do prior to having a go, is imperative to having a clear mind and understanding where to ride on each slow control exercise. There is a certain way to ride each manoeuvre, you should not just jump in with both feet and have a go and see if you can do it!

  • Learning the techniques is important to your success. The slow control exercises consist of:

    • Riding into the test centre
    • Parking up
    • Slalom and figure-of-eight exercises
    • Slow ride
    • U-Turn

  • Each of the exercises except the slow ride have a technique and a proper training method of how to successfully negotiate each one in turn. Having both the riders and examiners view in this section really help to hone your skills and visualise the route required and identify the markers at the test centre to help you prepare for a first time Module 1 motorcycle test pass.

    It is important to practice all the skills prior to attending the actual test, you must be mentally prepared and feel confident before you take the Module 1 motorcycle test.


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