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17. Controlled Stop

The Module 1 Course is the essential guide if you need a methodical process to learn and visualise the actual Mod 1 motorcycle test.

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Module 1 Test - Controlled Stop

The Module One test controlled stop is the first of the higher speed exercises.

On the first ride of the circuit there are no mandatory speed requirements.

Use the first attempt as a practice to settle nerves and experience the feel of riding the circuit.

When you ride towards the curve do not go higher than 20 mph to prevent the need to brake.

Avoid braking going into the curve or when you are riding the circuit.

Use The Cones To Aid Position

Using the cones will aid you in positioning the motorcycle.

Avoid looking at the cones directly, but keep them in your peripheral vision. Look up and ahead through the corner and to a position where you want to aim the bike.

Once out of the curve, look ahead and down to the end of the test centre towards the 4 blue cones where you want to stop the motorcycle with the front wheel between the cones.

How To Carry Out The Controlled Braking Exercise

  • Select 1st gear
  • Carry out rear observations
  • Ride across the test centre
  • Use 2nd gear and max 20 mph
  • In curve, position 1 mtr from red cones
  • At centre point, look for 2nd cone (as a guide)
  • Turn towards blue cones to exit the curve
  • Accelerate towards speed camera
  • At first red cones, close throttle
  • At speed camera, start braking (both brakes)
  • Approaching blue cones, use rear brake only
  • Select 1st gear if you can
  • Stop with front wheel between the four blue cones
  • Once stopped select neutral
  • Await further instructions

Understand Where You Must Stop

When completing the Module One test controlled stop, stopping with the front wheel outside the area designated by the 4 blue cones, will result in test failure.

Imagine you are stopping at the end of a road and there is a white line between the cones as your stopping point.

Controlled Stop - Speed Requirements

In the circuit: 19 mph (30 kph is an advisory speed requirement)

At the speed camera: No speed requirement

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