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21. Negotiating Junctions – OSMPSL

21. Negotiating Junctions – OSMPSL

The Learners Course covers essential CBT preparation, minimising novice rider stress.

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The OSMPSL routine is a DVSA endorsed and universally recognised system to help you remember the sequence when approaching junctions and hazards.

It is a basic system of riding that was designed to aid you to safely negotiate all types of junctions, roundabouts and other hazards. 

For you, OSMPSL will act as the perfect starting point. It helps you to develop good habits, ensuring you make safe decisions.


The OSMPSL routine offers an excellent foundation, it can be adjusted for each individual situation.

As you develop your skills, experience and confidence, the OSMPSL routine can be adapted to accommodate prevailing conditions and different scenarios.

Adopting it to cope with each hazard helps you become a better rider.


O – Observation

Check around you, either by using the mirrors or looking over your shoulder. Make sure you are aware of your blind spot and gather information regarding your surroundings.

S – Signal

You should give an indication in plenty of time, it warns others of your intended manoeuvre. Avoid indicating too soon and giving a false indication.

M – Manoeuvre 

When it is safe, make your manoeuvre, along with the appropriate additional observations if necessary, mirror checks and/or lifesavers.

P – Position

Adopt the correct road position for the junction or hazard. This requires good observation and forward planning prior to moving position.

S – Speed

Reduce your speed in good time by using a combination of engine, front and rear brakes. This gives a warning to the vehicles behind and gives them information as you approach the hazard.

L – Look

As you approach and get closer to the junction or hazard, look into the danger area to ensure it is safe to proceed. Carry out further observations and a lifesaver if necessary.  

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