37. Right into side roads

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37. Right into side roads


37. Right into side roads

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    Turning right into a side road can be a difficult turn for new riders. The best position is to the right hand side of your lane, close to the centre of the road. You must give way to oncoming traffic and be aware of what's behind with good observations for overtaking traffic. There is also a need to keep an eye on the left hand side for vehicles undertaking while you are slowing down or stationary.

    You will be required to use the OSMPSL routine on approach, along with slow control on the final approach to the junction. You must signal at the appropriate time, move the bike into the correct position and slow down to the correct speed. It is important to have the correct gear as you may be able to make the turn if it is safe but always be prepared to stop. Good all round observations will keep you safe on approach.


    You must be aware of hazards as you approach junctions, consider vehicles pulling out from the side road in front of you. Also be aware of the road surface problems or oncoming traffic as you move towards the centre of the road. Once you have moved to the right you should avoid drifting back to the left, as traffic may be undertaking you. Keep an eye on the road surface, looking out for drain covers, parked vehicles and pedestrians. When near to the junction and it is clear, carry out a right lifesaver around two car lengths from the turn.  This gives you time to look forward, assess the road ahead and if it is clear make the turn into the side road. If it is not clear you must bring the machine to a halt and before moving off do another lifesaver before continuing.

  • KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER - Turn right into side roads

    • Known as a right turn major to minor
    • Use the OSMPSL routine
    • Ensure correct position on approach to protect road space
    • Adopt the correct speed on approach
    • Select the correct gear
    • Always be prepared to stop
    • Do a lifesaver before committing to right turn
    • Take time and do not rush
    • Don’t cut the corner
    • Avoid turning late and swan-necking
    • When safe, make the turn, under control and safely

    KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER - Turn right into side roads


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