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Slow Control Course – COMING SOON


Slow Control Course – COMING SOON

Slow Control Course – COMING SOON

By following our course program, you will become a master of slow control.

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  • In many cases just the sound of the words ‘slow control’, scares the life out of riders and turns them into quivering wrecks!

    There really is no need for you to be scared or frightened of slow control. It is a skill that anyone can do as long as it is learned, understood, practiced and then perfected.

    Slow control riding is usually overlooked by many riders but instead they have a quest for speed, going around corners fast and overtaking whatever is in front of them. For most adrenalin junkies riding slowly is not a weapon in their armoury.

    Are you one of those riders who is worried about riding into a packed car park full of other bikers, or hate the idea that someone will be watching or judging your riding while you are having problems? Or worse still if you find yourself wobbling around, paddling or the most terrifying of all dropping the bike? If this describes you, then this course is definitely something to think about.

    Slow riding is a skill that you must understand and practice. If you have always had problems with riding slowly, it’s because you don’t practice the skill. With a few small changes to how you ride and plenty of practice, you will be rewarded with an abundance of control and skill.

  • Track riders

    If you take a track rider as an example, they know the layout of the circuit and they also know where every single turn and turning point is. Just because they know the track inside out, does not mean they do not need to practice to improve their speed. They go round and round, time after time to perfect their skills. You are no different, you probably do know how to do slow control but you probably don’t practice enough. Have you ever heard the phrase, practice makes perfect? If you have, you are now in the right place to make those changes starting from today.

    Track riders
  • How to Improve

    You will already have a grasp of riding the bike but there are a few skills and techniques that I want to share with you. These will help you overcome the fear of the bike suddenly feeling like it is falling over. Of course, the bike doesn’t suddenly fall over at all, you have made it fall over by doing something with the controls to make it happen. Or worse still by not doing something with the controls when the bike tells you what it needs.

    How to Improve
  • I will teach you what to do and how to do it

    The bike is giving you constant feedback, if you ignore the feedback or don’t know what to do when the bike is giving you that information, you will be having problems. The Slow Control Academy is an online training course that gives you all the knowledge and information that you need, to improve your slow riding skills.

    I will teach you what to do and how to do it
  • Guarantee

    I am so confident in the course that, if by the end of it you have not improved your skills at all, I will give you a full refund.




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