5. Riding On Tick-Over

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5. Riding On Tick-Over

5. Riding On Tick-Over

By following our course program, you will become a master of slow control.

Slow Control Course

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  • The Power of Tick-over

    Riding on tick-over is about mastering the art of minimal input. Learn about feel and what your bike is actually doing beneath you.

    This skill allows you to understand the bike's movement. Learn how to navigate tight spaces, traffic jams and stressful areas effortlessly. It will showcase your slow control and ability as a rider!

    The Power of Tick-over
  • Harnessing Your Bike's Slow Speed

    Dive into the mechanics behind tick-over riding. Grasp the role of engine idle speed without feathering the clutch and with no throttle application.

    This lesson reveals the magic behind utilising the engine's power and rising on tick-over. There's no need to engage the throttle, just relax and learn ow to have precision in the most delicate situations.

    Harnessing Your Bike
  • Navigate Tight Spaces with Ease

    Empower yourself with the proficiency of riding on tick-over. After reading this introduction to riding on tick-over, a comprehensive training schedule awaits you. It will teach you the skills to glide through tight scenarios.

    Hungry for the mastery of delicate input and control? Enrol now and explore the world of controlled slow riding techniques.

    Navigate Tight Spaces with Ease


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