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The Module 2 Course is a dedicated online platform if you are taking your Mod 2 motorcycle test. This is the perfect online platform with a detailed look at each exercise.
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UK’s most comprehensive Module Two (Mod 2) Test Video Guide

The Module Two Course offers comprehensive Module Two video training; it is designed to enhance instructor-led MOD 2 motorcycle test training. This online course follows the Module One Course, as an ideal training aid for motorcycle test preparation.  The Module 2 Course enhances knowledge and boosts professional motorcycle training but it is not a substitute for practical guidance and hands-on experience.

How does Module Two Course work?

The Module Two (MOD 2) Course has been designed to complement and enhance practical, instructor-led, DVSA certified MOD 2 training. It allows Module 2 test candidates to visually experience all aspects of MOD 2 motorcycle training, using a comprehensive series of videos that give:
  • A riders experience of Module Two training
  • Examiner view videos
  • Video lessons of each exercise
  • Module 2 mock tests (complete routes)
  • Board-work explanation on each phase
  • Knowledge check tests
  • Instructor tips and advice
  • Podcast and audio guide

24/7 access at your fingertips

The Module Two Course gives test candidates convenient 24/7 access on any device, helping them gain a thorough understanding of MOD 2 training and test. An essential way to learn prior to instructor-led motorcycle training, which greatly increases the chances of a first-time test pass. There is a lot of information to take on when learning to ride a motorcycle, especially during Module Two training. Nerves, stress and overwhelm are extremely common with new riders who are embarking on test training.The good news is that utilising the Module Two Course has proven to significantly reduce novice rider stress.  Module Two Course members also report increased levels of knowledge, a better understanding, more confidence, higher skill levels, enhanced safety and more enjoyment, they also said they were better prepared mentally when taking the motorcycle test. This allows you to be ready for the Module Two test with fewer practical training sessions.

Your Mod 2 Test Roadmap

  • Preparation (14 lessons)
  • Keys Skills (14 lessons)
  • Junction Guide (17 lessons)
  • Rides and Mock Tests (7 lessons)

Each lessons features a: video, podcast, ebook download and a quiz!

Course Content

Click on a lesson heading below to view the public page for each lesson in this course. Once you become a member you can access all the training videos, eBooks, podcasts, training tips and progress tests for each lesson.

Course Content

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The Online Mod 2 Course is specifically designed to complement your practical training with a deeper dive into the strategies and techniques necessary for passing the Mod 2 test.

It covers everything from road positioning to handling real traffic situations, using video guides, expert insights and practical exercises to ensure you’re not just prepared but totally proficient and ready for the test.

Absolutely, this is why the Mod 2 Online course was developed. Not many training schools do enough on-road training as a lot of time is spent practising Mod 1 exercises. This is why the pass rate for Mod 2 is only around 60%.

Our course is ideal for riders with varying levels of road experience. By providing a safe, virtual environment to learn and understand complex road scenarios, it builds your confidence and competence at your own pace, significantly enhancing your skills by understanding and visualisation.

The Online Mod 2 Course tackles the Mod 2 test’s unique challenges head-on, with focused modules on critical aspects such as observational skills, hazard perception, and effective communication with other road users.

With the inclusion of mock tests and scenario-based learning, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what to expect and how to excel. The educational videos are in-depth training lessons educating riders on each test exercise.

You’ll have access to a rich array of learning materials designed for immersive and interactive learning. This includes high-definition educational training video lessons simulating real test routes, podcasts and audio guides for learning on the go.

There are downloadable eBooks for in-depth study, and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge and track your progress. There is also an opportunity to ask the experts anything you are unsure about.

Yes, our course is supported by a dedicated team of instructors and a community of fellow riders. Through our interactive platform, you can ask questions, share experiences and receive personalised advice and encouragement.

This ongoing support ensures that no matter the challenge, you have the resources and community backing to overcome it. If you want to, you can opt to train with one of the team at our training location in Redditch.


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● Mod 1 Course
● Advanced Course
● Slow Control Course
● Theory Test Academy

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