2. Holding The Bars

2. Holding The Bars

By following our course program, you will become a master of slow control.

Slow Control Course

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  • Establishing the Core Connection

    You must think about holding the handlebars, they are an extension of your arms. They're your direct link to the motorcycle, affecting its behaviour and response.

    Grasping them correctly isn't just about grip. It's about forming that pivotal connection, ensuring your intentions and your bike's actions are seamlessly working in tandem. It's the foundation of all slow control manoeuvres.

    Establishing the Core Connection
  • Finding the Perfect Grip

    It's not just about grabbing tightly when holding the handlebars. It's knowing how hard to squeeze, which way your wrists are pointing and how to wrap your fingers around them properly!

    Through this lesson, you'll learn the tenderness of grip pressure, the varying techniques used and how each subtle change can drastically impact your feel and response.

    Finding the Perfect Grip
  • Perfect Your Hold, Perfect Your Ride

    This page offers just a mere glimpse into holding the handlebars, but the true depth of mastering the grip awaits you once you enrol.

    Dive deeper into the techniques employed to grip the handlebars properly, ensuring every ride is a harmonious blend of you, your touch and your machine.

    Want to truly become one with your bike? Enrol today and uncover all the tips and secrets.

    Perfect Your Hold, Perfect Your Ride


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