5. Position Phase

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5. Position Phase

5. Position Phase

The Advanced Course is the perfect online training resource and stepping stone if you want to improve your riding ability, take your riding to the next level.

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  • Use three basic positions to start with

    Position 1 – Left hand side or left hand wheel track Position 1 is the left hand third of the lane (not including the gutter). Riders should adopt this position for maximum view on approach to right hand bends, when turning left or when moving away from oncoming vehicles that encroach into their lane.   Position 2 – Central position between the wheel tracks This is also referred to as the ‘neutral position’ and mainly used for new riders, it gives maximum safety margins to both sides if dangers exist on either side. Position 2 is the middle third area of the lane, in between the right and left wheel tracks.

    Use three basic positions to start with
  • Learning Points - Position Phase

    • Always sacrifice road space for safety
    • To reduced rider risk locate the safest road position
    • The correct position is not always the safest but the safest position is always correct
    • Practice moving position for view and move away from danger
    • Being precise with position takes time and skill to master

    Learning Points - Position Phase


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