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8. Cornering: Right Hand Bend

8. Cornering: Right Hand Bend

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Being comfortable is key

The arc to the right hand bend when riding on the left hand side of the road is greater than a left hand bend.

Because of this, the speed going around the right hand corner could be quicker than the left corner.

If you are not comfortable riding close to the left hand side of the road when cornering.

For the fear of running off the road, slow the speed down until you are happy with the new riding position.

Becoming familiar with the new road position takes time and practise, but once you are happy the speed will come back (with a little more, without trying to go faster).

Learning Points - Right Hand Bend

  • Riders must become comfortable in position 1 when cornering
  • Positioning to the left will give a greater view through the bend
  • You should not enter the bend quicker than your ability
  • Always adjust speed on approach to a comfortable pace
  • You must be able able to make adjustments for any unforeseen problems
  • Only ride to 80% of your total ability, to have something in reserve
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