14. Braking when cornering

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14. Braking when cornering

14. Braking when cornering

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  • Trial and error

    It is never a wise move when you need to slow down mid corner. It shows a lack of planning and vision. Motorcycles have traction control and ABS but you should not rely heavily on technology to get you out of trouble.  Don’t wait until you are mid bend, going too fast, come across a problem and need to brake hard in the bend to stay on the road. Practice this skill once you understand what to do and how to do it.

    Trial and error
  • Learning Points - Braking when cornering

    • Always slow down on approach to a bend 
    • Adopt a responsive gear to reduce speed if necessary mid corner
    • Good vision will help you to access the bend
    • Always plan for the unexpected
    • Get the bike upright and straight if the front brake needs to be used
    • Release the rear brake to scrub off a small amount of speed if banked over

    Learning Points - Braking when cornering


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