7. Acceleration Phase

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7. Acceleration Phase

7. Acceleration Phase

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  • Don’t get on the gas too early 

    The acceleration phase does not solely refer to increasing speed, a rider can maintain or decrease speed depending on the next action. Linking hazards is extremely important, especially when travelling from one hazard straight into the next. Putting the power back on too early is a sure way to upset the bike and your feeling of being in control. Running wide or faster into a hazard certainly gets the adrenaline pumping around the body but you have to deal with the poor input before you can proceed. This has a detrimental impact on your speed.

    Don’t get on the gas too early 
  • Learning Points - Acceleration Phase

    • Seeing and responding early to hazards helps to position correctly 
    • Alway adopt the correct speed for your ability
    • Deal with the hazard before thinking about accelerating
    • Accelerating too early often results in approaching the next hazard too fast
    • Before accelerating, you should be aware of the hidden dangers
    • Remember: ‘slow in, fast out’. This is normally applies mainly to cornering but can also useful for dealing with other hazards too

    Learning Points - Acceleration Phase


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