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Mark Bull

Mark Bull

Advanced Riding Consultant & RoSPA Examiner

About Mark Bull

At present Mark is a dedicated Police Sergeant with over 23 years of Policing experience. Known for going above and beyond job requirements to make a lasting impact on the department and the public. Exceptional integrity, leadership and problem-solving abilities.

Mark’s current role involves supervising a team of nineteen constables within the Road Policing Unit of West Midlands Police.

As a department they respond to all serious and fatal road traffic collisions in the West Midlands. As a lead investigator Mark is responsible for co-ordinating investigations from the beginning to an ultimate conclusion. The department also provides the pursuit capability across the West Midlands and due to this he is advanced trained in tactical pursuit and containment.

Another high level responsibility is looking after any VIP’s that come to the West Midlands. Mark and his team are trained VIP motorcycle escorts and have looked after members of the Royal Family and members of Parliament visiting the area. He and his team have also attended various deployments in London as well as the recent G7 Summit in Cornwall where Mark led a team of motorcyclists. They were responsible for looking after various protected persons, including the US Secretary of State and the Canadian Prime Minister.

During the past twenty three years with West Midlands Police Mark has attended various courses in relation to Public Order, Roads Policing and surveillance, this has given him a wealth of experience across many areas of Policing.

He is currently one of the internal pool of coaches within West Midlands Police and in this role provides coaching support to numerous staff members for a variety of reasons.

To add to his experience Mark is also a Roads Policing Tactical Advisor and in this role he provides support for Commanders during large Policing Operations.


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Consultant – Advanced Driving & Riding

Since 2019 Mark has been a consultant to RoSPA and has made critical changes to the RoSPA Diploma for Advanced Riding Instructor Course. These changes were necessary to modernise and uplift the course in order to make it current and fit for purpose. 

By using his skills and experience he  advised on course content for all classroom work, including PowerPoints presentations, road based training delivery along with suggested learning outcomes for customers attending the RoSPA Diploma Course.

Because of his intervention and attention to detail, it is now a level 3 qualification. It is a huge success in its own right and is held in high regard in the motorcycle industry.

Mark also writes monthly articles in the RoSPA ‘Care on the Road’ magazine, writing about relevant topics in relation to advanced motorcycling. He also answers questions from the readership and provides advice on advanced riding techniques and best practice.

Mark has also provided Accreditation for numerous organisations both Nationally and Internationally. These courses are mainly in the Emergency Services Driving sector. In this capacity he has made recommendations for improvements to ensure that organisations are delivering a product worthy enough to have RoSPA’s name providing accreditation to it.

RoSPA Examiner & Regional Senior Examiner

RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders – South West England

Mark is also responsible for coordinating six advanced driving and riding groups across Devon, Cornwall and Avon & Somerset.

In this role he sends out a monthly newsletter as well as hosting online meetings involving all groups in order to keep them updated and allow information to be shared amongst them.

He also attends group meetings and delivers talks providing information and best practice in relation to advanced driving & riding.

Mark provides a vital link between the groups and RoSPA HQ.

Advanced Riding Instructor

RoSPA & Freelance – Nationally & Internationally

Part of this role includes delivery of advanced rider training on behalf of RoSPA both in the UK and abroad.

As a holder of the Level 4 in Advanced Driver Behavioural Instruction he also trains the Level 3 Advanced Riding Instructor course on behalf of RoSPA. He is also an examiner of the level 3 courses and provides accurate test reports at their conclusion.

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