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A full-time instructor since 1991, Simon Hayes is a highly experienced motorcycle instructor and well known within the industry. Simon’s first six years as an instructor were spent teaching military personnel, where he had a 100% success rate and earned a reputation for high level training.

Over these decades Simon has covered over a million riding miles and personally delivered motorcycle training to thousands of novices and advanced riders.


Simon is also sought-after UK wide as an accomplished instructor trainer and has introduced countless new motorcycle instructors to the sector. In addition, Simon maintains a busy diary of European Tours covering advanced riding on the continent, off road training, local club and motorcycle charity rides.

Some years ago, Simon began to improve his students’ motorcycle training experience through complementary video-based training. Through pre-course learning, customers are able to visualise actual motorcycle skills and find that their practical training is greatly enhanced as a result of watching pre-course video lessons.


Over a ten year period, the video training resources were refined, resulting in a first edition being formally published and more widely available.

From the early video training which came out on DVD, the delivery has been changed and nurtured over a number of years into Motorcycle Riders Hub. The UK’s first 100% video-based motorcycle training resource. As the founder of Motorcycle Riders Hub, Simon’s vision is to enhance rider training and safety across the UK, empowering both new and experienced riders to continually improve their own riding skills.

Simon believes that the Motorcycle Riders Hub resources should not be used in isolation and must not be viewed as a substitute for professional motorcycle training. To get the best out of the training resource, riders should use the video training lessons and practical training in tandem to elevate their learning experience. Practical training alone does not give learner riders all the tools they need to be fully aware and in complete control.


Motorcycle Riders Hub is supported by a number of full-time trainers and other professional motorcyclists, as well as an Advisory Panel. They are all committed to road safety and the values of ‘Keep it on the black stuff’. 

As Motorcycle Riders Hub continues to develop, its aim is to give riders a useful dedicated eLearning platform.

Simon’s ambition is to reach as many new riders as possible countrywide to help and guide them to become better riders. His commitment, passion and love of motorcycle training continues with a full schedule of practical courses.

The history behind it ALL

WHy online VIDEOS work

Having used online training videos over 15 years, it became evident to me that this would be an integral part of our training routine.

Because is has helped so many riders improve quickly, I wanted to take this to a wider audience to help more people when they were learning to ride.

My aim is to provide a low cost home help for all learner riders. It’s difficult trying to get everything right during practical training. Sometimes learning has to be at a slower pace to fully understand.

From humble beginnings

From a very poor start, it’s a wonder how I fell into becoming a motorcycle instructor.

I wanted to help others not to have the same introduction that I had. It was dangerous and no wonder so many people have incidents, it’s because of a lack of proper guidance.

With a fantastic team of trainers and educators, we are really pleased that we can help new riders. It’s what makes me tick…

How the Riders Hub started

After years of teaching and learning how to really help and develop learner riders. We wanted to give our learner riders something more than just training on the day.

Home study is really important for all riders. CBT is difficult for learners, knowing what to do gives novice riders a huge head start. The Mod 1 and Mod 2 guidance allows learners visualise what they need to do.

Reducing accidents and incidents is our mission but developing riders is our passion…. 

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