24. Road positioning

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24. Road positioning


24. Road positioning

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    Your road positioning will be assessed by the examiner during the Module 2 motorcycle test. They will want to see a safe road positioning at all times that keeps you out of harm's way. Accurate road positioning requires good forward vision and planning, you must be aware of your surroundings and anticipate the actions of other road users. This will enable you to position for the hazard ahead and keep a safe distance from danger. When deciding where to position, you will need to be aware of the road surface, weather conditions and other hazards. Seeing things early will give you time to reposition to deal with the situation in front of you.


    As a motorcycle rider you will be aware of the three main positions in your lane. They are the central or neutral position, this gives you a command position in the lane and also a margin of error if you drift slightly when riding. You can also choose the left or right hand side of your lane, which may be referred to as the left or right hand wheel tracks. These positions can be used for left and right turns, along with moving to these positions to move away from other dangers. Moving road positioning can be important for your own safety. Avoiding hazards correctly on tests shows the examiner that you are aware of the possible dangers and are prepared to use different road positions to keep away from trouble. You can move position for road surface dangers, to clear developing hazards, to show your intention to turn when signalling, to dominate the road space and improve visibility.

  • KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER - Road Position

    • Ride centrally in the lane
    • Move left to turn left, use the left wheel track
    • Move right to turn right, use the right wheel track
    • A wheel track is where car tyres would normally be

    KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER - Road Position


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