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Course Overview - Your CBT Success Starts here

Our online CBT Course offers a complete toolkit for success; from foundational skills to road readiness, ensuring you’re fully prepared, confident and safe from your very first ride.
Play Video about CBT Selecting 1st gear and neutral using the clutch scaled

UK’s Only Online CBT Video Training Guide

Become part of a community that gets you ahead before even starting the engine. Visualise your CBT being a success before you arrive for training.

Our online CBT Programme is crafted to elevate your confidence, ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable journey when learning to ride.

With the CBT Vault, stress is replaced by readiness, paving the way for success in your practical motorcycle training.

Why Start This Journey With Us?

  • Exclusive Video Guides: Step-by-step instructional explainer videos.
  • Comprehensive eBook: Your digital guide to mastering the basics.
  • Engaging Podcasts: Listen on-the-go with our informative audio guides.
  • Knowledge Checks: Interactive tests to track your progress.
  • Expert Tips: Gain insights from instructor advice and top-tips.

A Course that Listens and Responds

As you dive deeper into each lesson, you’ll discover more than just education; you’ll find answers to the unasked questions and unvoiced fears!

All novice riders who are anxious about their first ride, find solutions and reassurance in our structured guidance. With cutting-edge digital technology, learning to ride has never been easier, reassurance at your fingertips.

How does the Learners CBT Course work?

The CBT Learners Course gives access to 7.5 hours of comprehensive Compulsory Basic Training education which helps learner riders to more effectively prepare for their instructor-led practical training course.

Your CBT Roadmap

There are 6 hours of bespoke training material in the CBT Vault, designed to prepare you for your CBT and beyond:

  • Riders Basics: Begin your journey with confidence
  • Key Skills:  Laying the foundations for success
  • Junction Guide: Learn how to negotiate various junctions
  • Road Rides: Learn to navigate the road with ease

Each lesson is a stepping stone to the next, ensuring no details are missed, from setting solid foundations to building great riders.

Why Our Members Excel

Learners equipped with our online resources not only enjoy their training more but also display:

  • Increased knowledge & understanding
  • Boosted confidence & skill levels
  • Enhanced safety awareness
  • A greater likelihood of passing the CBT on the first try, saving time and money


Our Online CBT Course offers flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and in your own time. You get 24/7 unlimited access to all the resources including video guides, eBooks, and podcasts, which means you can revisit complex topics anytime.

This approach ensures a deeper understanding and retention, setting a strong foundation for practical training.

Absolutely. Our course is designed by industry experts and covers everything from the basics of handling a motorcycle to navigating the open road.

Through step-by-step video tutorials and interactive progress tests, learners develop both theoretical understanding and practical skills, even before sitting on a motorcycle.

The course simulates the structure and content of the actual CBT Course, providing you with a thorough understanding of what to expect.

With dedicated sections on each aspect of the CBT, including junction and roundabout guides, you gain in-depth insight into the course, significantly increasing your chances of passing on the first attempt.

While free uneducated resources provide general information, our Online CBT Course offers a structured learning path designed specifically for CBT preparation.

Our content is vetted by certified instructors, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Plus, the course includes bespoke training materials not found elsewhere, like custom junction guides and progress checks, all in one convenient place.

Investing in the Online CBT Course is investing in your riding future. Not only does it save you time and money by increasing your likelihood of passing the CBT on the first try, but it also enhances your safety and enjoyment on the road.

With comprehensive, expert-designed content and the flexibility of online learning, the value far exceeds the cost.


Pay As You Go

£9.99 /mo

No contract, Cancel anytime

● Mod 1 Course
● Mod 2 Course
● Advanced Course
● Slow Control Course
● Theory Test Academy

All this included in your membership

Discover the Future

Curious about what lies beyond?

Take a peek into the bespoke course that changes the way novice riders prepare for their CBT.

Join thousands of novice riders to see if it’s the right fit for you.



Tom Warsop

Learners CBT

Kirsten Pobjoy

Passed CBT Course

Ben Hyde

Passed Mod 2 test

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