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10. The Figure of 8 (Fig-of-8)

10. The Figure of 8 (Fig-of-8)

By following our course program, you will become a master of slow control.

10. The Figure of 8 (Fig-of-8)

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  • Perfecting the Quintessential Move

    The figure-of-eight is more than just looping patterns in circles. It's a benchmark of skill, showcasing one's grasp of balance, control, and dynamics.

    Nail this exercise and you're well on your way to perfecting slow control, feel and technique. A rider's status is judged on their performance in every situation.

    Perfecting the Quintessential Move
  • Delicate Nuances of the Fig-of-8 Dance

    Understand the gentle throttle movement required, know how to precisely use the clutch. The interaction between them both will set you out from the crowd.

    Essential steering movement and balance is necessary for this manoeuvre. We unlock the secrets that allow for a flowing elegant figure of eight, which will make you the envy of fellow riders.

    Delicate Nuances of the Fig-of-8 Dance
  • Embrace the Elegant Swirl

    Are you ready to showcase your skill and control? Move beyond these initial words of wisdom to master riding's hallmark manoeuvre.

    Are you keen to create perfect manoeuvres? Sign up now to control your bike like you've never done before.

    Embrace the Elegant Swirl


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