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Motorcycle Riders Hub is an online eLearning training and guidance platform for all riders. It helps riders at different stages in their training to understand how to improve, operate and control their motorcycle.

Whatever your ability we will take you to the next level, from novice rider to motorcycle Instructor and leisure rider to adventure traveller - here is something for everyone.

Our philosophy is - Keep it on the Black Stuff


Motorcycle Riders Hub is the UK’s first and only 100% video based motorcycle training resource. With a focus on learning to ride from the CBT Course, through to Direct Access and passing the Module One and Module Two motorcycle tests. Online memberships gives convenient 24/7 access to the different packages available with a wealth of knowledge and other motorcycle training resources too.

The online training program was developed for learner riders across the UK to help them achieve their dream. Finding good motorcycle training can be a lottery but with tried and tested coaching methods and thousands of success stories, Motorcycle Riders Hub is now available to you.

We are dedicated motorcycle instructors, delivering bespoke and in-depth foundation training to learner riders. We also have a team of committed Advanced Advisors, who train at a higher level to help full licence holders become more skilled, better and safer riders. The Advanced and Touring Academy’s are great places to start if you want to improve your knowledge and ability.


Despite significant developments in both rider safety and training standards, motorcycle accident statistics remain high. This is why we have created a professional platform where you can be assured that you are receiving the very best and qualified advice, no more searching YouTube and wondering if the advice you are watching is good or bad!

The greater concern to us, is that the high number of accidents each year in the UK are contributed to rider error. This is a worry as riders are either not prepared for the type of riding they do, have had the wrong advice or are practicing by trial and error. Creating and cementing the best foundations at the start of your riding journey is the best way for success.

For you to improve you must take 100% responsibility for your own actions, safety and training. Facts are facts and they tell a huge story, the truth unfortunately is that a significant amount of motorcycle accidents are avoidable.


Our vision is to help reduce serious accidents, where riders can learn in the comfort of their own home with qualified professional advice. If by using this online training and educational platform we can save just one persons life per year, we consider this to be worthwhile and a huge success!

The goal and underpinning philosophy is to help you ‘Keep it on the Black Stuff’. We hope to influence and ‘change the status quo’ through online video based training and resources, that both complement and enhance instructor-led motorcycle training.

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