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Module 1 Course

Module 1 Course




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The Module 1 Course is the essential guide if you need a methodical process to learn and visualise the actual Mod 1 motorcycle test.
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UK’s most comprehensive Module One (MOD 1) Test Video Guide

The Module One Course offers comprehensive on-line Module One video resources and has been designed to enhance Module One motorcycle training for learner riders who are preparing for their Module One motorcycle test. 

This Mod 1 Course is the perfect compliment for DAS MOD 1 preparations, but does not substitute practical instructor-led training.

How does Module One Course work?

The Module One (MOD 1) Course allows test candidates to visually and experience all the aspects of a Module One motorcycle test.

A full series of Module 1 training videos offers a point-of-view rider’s experience, plus an examiner’s view and complete animation of every Module 1 exercise.

The Module One Course comprises of the following training material:

  • Module 1 training videos
  • Animation videos explaining what to do
  • Riders view instruction
  • Examiners view instruction
  • Instructor tips and guidance
  • A comprehensive eBook with a breakdown of each exercise
  • Progress check tests
  • Podcast lesson audio guide

Elevate your chance of success

Participants gain a thorough understanding of the Module 1 layout and process before and during their practical Mod 1 motorcycle training. This personal development increases the probability of a first-time test pass.

Designed to enhance instructor-led practical MOD 1 training, all the essential Module One preparation is covered. Because of this, course participants experience less novice rider stress. 

Module One Course members also report increased levels of knowledge, a better understanding, more confidence, higher skill levels, enhanced safety and more enjoyment, they also said they were better prepared mentally when entering the test centre for the first time.

This means they are ready for the Module One test with fewer practical training sessions.

Your Mod 1 Test Roadmap

  • Preparation (8 lessons)
  • Left Circuit Exercises (11 lessons)
  • Right Circuit Exercises (11 lessons)
  • Full Tests (8 lessons)
  • Next Step (2 lessons)

Each lessons features a: video, podcast, ebook download and a quiz!

Course Content

Click on a lesson heading below to view the public page for each lesson in this course. Once you become a member you can access all the training videos, eBooks, podcasts, training tips and progress tests for each lesson.


Our Online Mod 1 Course is designed to give you a competitive edge, by offering a detailed overview of the Mod 1 test layout and exercises.

Through comprehensive educational video guides, you’ll gain familiarity with each test exercise, from the slalom and U-Turn to the emergency stop. This will ensure you know exactly what to expect and do on test day. This familiarity reduces test-day anxiety and increases your chances of passing first time.

Our course specifically targets common challenges like the ‘figure of 8’ and U-Turn manoeuvre. It provides you with step-by-step video demonstrations and expert tips to help you master these skills.

By understanding and then practising our guided techniques, you’ll build confidence and precision in your manoeuvres, making them feel more intuitive and less daunting.

Yes, online training is a highly effective way to complement your practical test preparation. Our course enhances your physical training by allowing you to visualise and mentally practise each manoeuvre, reinforcing muscle memory and boosting your overall performance.

Plus, the flexibility to review materials anytime ensures you’re well-prepared and confident. View when convenient to you, access 24/7 on any device.

The course includes detailed educational video tutorials on each Mod 1 test manoeuvre. There are also interactive knowledge checks to gauge your understanding and progress, valuable instructor tips for both technique and mindset, and downloadable resources for on-the-go learning.

This comprehensive approach ensures you’re fully equipped to tackle the Mod 1 test confidently. There are also different videos for each exercise, a bespoke explainer video, a riders and an examiners perspective give you all the tools you ned to pas with confidence.

Straight away, visualisation is the first part of any training. Once you understand what to do, the rest is all about the dedicated training process. With regular practice and engagement with the course materials, many of our learners start seeing improvements in their riding skills instantly.

Our structured approach to learning and practising Mod 1 manoeuvres helps solidify your skills more quickly and effectively than traditional training methods alone.


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● Mod 2 Course
● Advanced Course
● Slow Control Course
● Theory Test Academy

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