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15. U-Turn

The Module 1 Course is the essential guide if you need a methodical process to learn and visualise the actual Mod 1 motorcycle test.

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Module 1 Test -  U-Turn

The Module One U-Turn is the last of the slow control manoeuvres. It requires you to be confident and relaxed, which will help you to turn the handlebars. 

By having good balance and posture you will be able to carry out the exercise without running out of space.

You should have effective use of the throttle, clutch and rear brake if necessary to carry out the U-Turn.

Don't Forget the Lifesaver!

Starting from the area where the four blue cones are, you must turn the bike around between the two white painted lines.

This simulates the two kerbs on the road, this must be done without crossing the lines or putting your foot down.

The U-Turn must remain within the white lines, with the bike coming to a stop, opposite to where you started the exercise.

The key is to keep your head up, look where you want to go and not down at the floor.

How to Complete the U-Turn

  • Select 1st gear
  • Carry out rear observations
  • Right shoulder check last, as if on the public road
  • Look forward and ride parallel to the white line
  • Midway along line, carry out a right lifesaver
  • Move back towards the white line if you have veered away
  • Look to the right to view where to aim
  • Turn the handlebars to the right
  • At centre of the turn, look right and down the line
  • Once at end of the line bring the bike to a stop
  • Select neutral
  • Await further instructions
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