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The Advanced Course is the perfect online training resource and stepping stone if you want to improve your riding ability, take your riding to the next level.


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Just as car drivers who have passed their car test never seek further training, new and existing riders often fall for the same mistake.

They do not consider further advanced education as a stepping stone to enhancing skills and ability.

At Motorcycle Riders Hub we strongly endorse further training, as passing the motorcycle test is only the start of the journey.


Not upgrading from basic skills is a misjudgment and error, as riders often form bad habits and perfect them over a period of time.

Cementing poor riding habits leads to problems and does not improve a rider’s performance.

In our opinion, every rider should have in their targets a willingness and eagerness to improve and enhance their own ability. Not for stickers, credibility or certificates but for their own sake and peace of mind.

Professional Training

There are several routes to improve riding skills, a less well known route is the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme, also known as ERS.

In most cases this training is conducted by a certified professional full time motorcycle instructor, it has a set syllabus directed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

A certificate of competence is issued at the conclusion of the course by the trainer.

This is a perfect start to advanced riding for new licence holders and for those returning to motorcycling after a break.

Voluntary Guidance

Advanced training is also offered by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, known as RoSPA and The Institute of Advanced Motorists, known as IAM RoadSmart.

They both offer structured advanced rider training courses that are delivered by volunteers.

Both RoSPA and IAM RoadSmart prepare riders for advanced motorcycle tests.

There is no time frame as coaching is conducted over a much longer period of time and a test is normally conducted by a serving or ex police motorcyclist.


A DIY approach to taking an advanced test is not recommended, you must know and understand the principles of advanced riding.

A structured planned approach to riding is advised, the theory element can be gained from watching the Advanced Academy videos to start the advanced journey.

The Advanced Academy gives useful tips, hints and advice in preparation for advanced training, it can be used alongside practical tuition. To summarise, advanced rider training can be a challenge and overwhelming to start with as there is so much to learn.


For most riders it is exciting and addictive, especially when they are improving with every session.

But be fully aware that advanced riding refers to technique and rider skill and not excessive speed.

Advanced training is about understanding, mastering technique, enhancing skills and having a deep respect for the road.

Stay safe and Keep it on the Black Stuff

Lesson Content

Access the public pages below to view each Advanced  Course lesson. Once you become a member you’ll access the entire Advanced Training Vault – Including videos, eBooks, podcasts, training tips and progress tests for every lesson.


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