2. Introduction

2. Introduction

The Advanced Course is the perfect online training resource and stepping stone if you want to improve your riding ability, take your riding to the next level.

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  • Make the change

    Advanced riding is a way of riding that ensures you are in control at all times and can react safely to any situation, having a methodical system in place will help you to deal with any hazard.  The police use the System of motorcycle control, in conjunction with the handbook roadcraft during their training and they are amongst the best riders in the world. If you want to improve you must make a conscious decision to make some changes to how you ride. Humans were not designed to travel any quicker than running speed, is it any wonder people have problems when travelling up to the national speed limit?

    Make the change
  • Four areas to work on

    There are 4 areas you must change to improve, they are:

    • Training
    • Education
    • Practice
    • Experience
    There are no shortcuts or quick fixes, firstly train to understand and learn. Education is vital to make significant changes and then you need to put the time in to practice and perfect the new skills. Finally you need to set the skills as you become more experienced as you master your craft. When thinking about skill level, speed is often one of the biggest factors that is measured. It is wrong to assume a fast rider is good, a thorough riding plan and the use of a methodical system will ensure technical perfection. With some further training and education you will get better. A good learning environment with professional coaching and guidance gives extra knowledge and will definitely elevate your riding ability. 

    Four areas to work on
  • Are you at Base Camp?

    Only a small percentage of road users take further training after passing their test because they think they have reached their destination. It is like reaching base camp when you are trying to climb Mt Everest. In reality this is only the first stepping stone of many, why not take the extra steps and reduce your riding risk? Improving skills takes time and practice with education from professional trainers. Not everyone feels comfortable being watched, but see it as a step in the right direction or part of your journey to excellence.  A good rider will ride their own ride, regardless of who is behind them because they have nothing to prove. Always remember the Expert was once a Novice. By watching the Advanced Academy videos and grasping the basic principles of Advanced Riding, you will gain knowledge and an understanding of how to make changes. View the videos over and over again, read the fact sheets and then undertake professional guidance to see the best results.

    Are you at Base Camp?


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