15. Dealing With Hills

Courses Slow Control Course On The Road

15. Dealing With Hills

15. Dealing With Hills

By following our course program, you will become a master of slow control.

Slow Control Course

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  • Conquering the Ups and Downs

    Hill starts and descents offer a unique challenge, the negotiation of them demands a blend of balance, control and a touch of class.

    It's all about getting to grips with gradients and letting the lay of the land work in your favour. This can be done with education and guidance, but you must practise the correct techniques.

    Conquering the Ups and Downs
  • Techniques for Tricky Terrains

    Discover how to tackle those uphill starts without rolling back and learn how to descend safely, ensuring your throttle, clutch and rear brake are working in harmony.

    It's about ensuring your machine and instincts are synchronised, turn those uphill battles into easy exhilarating experiences.

    Techniques for Tricky Terrains
  • The Elevation of Mastery Awaits

    Eager to never shy away from a hilly challenge again? Beyond this introduction page lies the guidance and expertise to transform trepidation into triumph on any incline.

    Do you desire the confidence to face any gradient? Delve deeper and rise to the challenge by enrolling today.

    The Elevation of Mastery Awaits


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