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Watch this quick video to find out more about the Touring Academy

upcoming tours

Our tours are totally unique and are unrivalled anywhere else. We have been running Advanced Training Tours for over a decade, it is the perfect way to travel abroad for new and existing riders who are looking for something totally different.

We only take small groups on our trips, this gives a very personal experience. We venture off the beaten track and see very different places to the normal tourist route. 

We tag each of our tours into Easy, Medium and Hard so that you can see whether the tour is for you or not. Riders Hub members receive a discount when they book a tour.

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Past Tours

Here you can view a list of where we have been with some tour information. It is an insight to what we have done, where we have been and what mileage was ridden.


Read the exploits of some of our Tour Bloggers. Their blogs and articles give an insight into their trip adventures, some good and some bad but the overriding importance is that touring can be done by anyone.

You don’t need to have been riding for a certain amount of time, you don’t need to be the best rider in the world. You just need an idea, the desire and you are ready to start.

Motorcycle group touring

Tour Information

It can be a little daunting getting ready to tour but to help you we have created a guide. There are a number of articles for you to look at and get a feel of how other riders prepare or think about when touring. 

There doesn’t have to be a lot of planning but there is a lot of benefit in doing some. Some riders like to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s before they set off and leave nothing to chance.


To give you an insight into the riding we get up to when on our tours, we have added a few Tour videos to whet your appetite and give you some inspiration to go abroad on your bike. 

It’s a big world out there, just waiting to be explored.

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