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11. Overtaking: Large vehicles

Courses Advanced Course Cornering & Overtaking

11. Overtaking: Large vehicles

11. Overtaking: Large vehicles

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  • Don’t take risks

    On trunk roads it is inevitable that you will come across larger vehicles going about their business. Trucks travel slower than the speed limit and if fully loaded they will slow down excessively for tight corners and going up steep hills.

    Give yourself more room from larger vehicles, a nice way to think about it is the bigger the vehicle the bigger the space. This creates a safety margin for error, think about what will happen if the truck starts to overtake a cyclist! What would you do?

    Don’t take risks
  • Learning Points

    • If in doubt bottle out
    • You need to room to see and plan
    • Choose when to overtake for maximum safety
    • Do not overtake near laybys, in case the truck pull in without looking
    • Don’t get that close to the larger vehicle so that you can’t see
    • You need more clearance from bigger vehicles

    Learning Points


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