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Ian Hands

Ian Hands

Police Advanced Advisor

About Ian Hands

I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1991. As a young soldier I did my CBT not long after it was first introduced. I progressed shortly afterwards onto a Direct Access Scheme Course and passed my test whilst I was still in the British Army. This gave me the taste of excitement that other people spoke about and a passion for life on two wheels.

After passing my basic motorcycle test, motorbikes have always been my preferred mode of transport. This has continued throughout my adult life and is still true to this day. Riding a motorcycle brings a sense of freedom and when done properly, no other mode of transport compares.

For me, riding motorbikes in all conditions helps to focus your mind. Many riders are able to ride in good conditions but the real test of skill is in adverse conditions. This is when techniques and ability from prior training and development come to the fore and separate the good from the average riders.

When the weather is nice and the better riding seasons are upon us, there is no better way to hone the skills than during social riding. This can only be achieved if riders undertake top-up or refresher training. This helps to develop their skills and maintains a level of competence.

Over the years I have had a number of different types of bikes. They range from medium to higher powered two wheeled vehicles. I started off on a Kawasaki Er 500 which was a great stepping stone. I progressed to a Yamaha R1 and an Aprilia RSV 1000R Factory Mille.

My love for riding sports bikes naturally progressed to track riding. This became a true passion of mine and I spent time developing my riding skills and enhancing my ability by taking further training and education on the race track. I attended some dedicated guidance and coaching with different race schools.

I consider further training as an essential part of improving skills. It fills in the gaps where rider’s skills and understanding lacks clarity and knowledge. After attending professional training courses and learning more, I got a real taste and buzz from track riding.

My current bike is a Kawasaki Z1000 SX which is ridden all year round.

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My current role is a police motorcycle instructor. I am one of only two officers who conduct this role to riders at all levels in the West Midlands Police.

My role is to provide all aspects of motorcycle training for Police Riders. This is from new riders who need to be developed from keen motorcyclists to passing a standard police riding course. The training I deliver at this level, is basic advanced riding skills to start the process of developing riders over a number of years. They then progress to a higher advanced standard.

This is done by continual assessment, education and training. Riders are taken through a stringent programme to ensure they are of the highest standard. They must develop properly and safely in order to be deployed in this important role.

After police motorcyclists have gained knowledge and experience, they can progress to become Escort Trained. This training is high level and entails working together as a team in extreme circumstances. All riders must show high levels of skill and competence in order to undergo this training.

My future role will include training police trainers to train at the highest level and to give high level guidance and coaching to Covert Bikers and Firearms Officers.

My passion is to provide a high level of training to our Police Riders, so they are highly capable at the speeds expected of them at times, in order to perform their role.

The high levels of riding that is maintained by constant coaching and development helps West Midlands Police have a reputation of excellence. Because of this we develop and produce some of the best Police Riders in the Country.

I have a passion for training and can help impart some of my knowledge and experience to civilian riders. This will help them understand that progress is not immediate but a continual development and I look forward to meeting many of you during the bespoke training sessions with Motorcycle Riders Hub.


I am currently a serving Police Officer with West Midlands Police. 

After leaving the Army I joined the police force and naturally migrated towards being a traffic officer and ultimately to be a police motorcyclist. Throughout my career I’ve had a number of specialist roles. The ones that stand out for me are being an Operational Firearms Officer and a Traffic Officer/Motorcyclist.

The traffic role I embraced enabled me to be highly trained and develop my driving and riding skills. I firstly became an Advanced Driver, going through some of the best training in the world. The training routine is extremely thorough and is delivered over a period of time to ensure skills and knowledge are set as good foundations.

This type of training helps you to learn and experience change. It gives you time to really set the skills, which enables you to develop and enhance your understanding, personal technique and ability.

I also attended different courses to become an Advanced Rider. This development is again very thorough, not everyone makes it though this vigorous training regime, as it is demanding and intense. Riding at speed takes time to learn and develop, in order to fulfil the role. All police riders have to be highly trained and proficient.

After going through the process of learning and setting the skills, the development allows growth and elevates skills to ride at the highest level. This is maintained by regular training, Continual Professional Development (CPD – sometimes externally with other forces) and ongoing courses to progress to other roles and responsibilities.

Some of the other roles that I have covered are being a VIP escort trained police motorcyclist. The highlights that stand out for me in the Escort Role include being part of and involved in COP26, the Commonwealth games and the Queen’s funeral. A sad event but extremely honoured to be part of.

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