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9. Mastering Motorcycle Stability

9. Mastering Motorcycle Stability

By following our course program, you will become a master of slow control.

9. Mastering Motorcycle Stability

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  • Tackling that Sinking Feeling

    We've all had that stomach-dropping moment when the motorcycle feels like it's tipping past the point of no return!

    Equip yourself with the knowledge and reflexes to counteract and maintain your poise and composure. You must learn to do the right thing to prevent dropping your pride and joy.

    Tackling that Sinking Feeling
  • Strategies for Poise and Recovery

    Embrace the essential tactics to prevent a tumble, from understanding weight distribution to acting promptly with corrective input.

    This lesson arms you with fast-acting techniques, ensuring your motorcycle remains upright and you remain in full control. Learning the basic techniques and fundamental principle of slow control is the key to perfection.

    Strategies for Poise and Recovery
  • Stand Tall, Whatever Comes Your Way

    Aspire to be the rider that remains unflappable, even in dicey situations! Progress beyond this introductory information and ensure your motorcycle stands its ground.

    Fancy being impeccable at balance and control? Enrol today and banish the fear of the drop or wobble.

    Stand Tall, Whatever Comes Your Way


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