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Courses Module 2 Course Key Skills

16. Motorcycle control

16. Motorcycle control

The Module 2 Course is a dedicated online platform if you are taking your Mod 2 motorcycle test. This is the perfect online platform with a detailed look at each exercise.

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You must demonstrate good motorcycle control throughout the Module Two motorcycle test.

This effectively is the use of the five basic controls, being the clutch, throttle, gear lever, front and rear brake.

You must also demonstrate good steering control and slow control riding skills.

You must show that you are familiar with the switchgear in terms of using the lights, indicators and horn if required.

Throttle control must be smooth, progressive and used with good clutch control to aid smooth pulling away and gear changes.


Motorcycle control requires both brakes to be used safely and effectively throughout the test.

Both brakes are used together, when the bike is upright and travelling in a straight line, you should use this combination slowing down from higher to lower speeds.

The front brake should only be used when the bike is upright and travelling in a straight line.

The rear brake is used on its own at slow speed or when you are turning the steering and there is input into the handlebars when steering or cornering.


Along with demonstrating correct braking techniques and speed control, you must ensure the correct gears are selected at all times.

This is to show that you understand the relationship between the speed and using the appropriate gear.

At junctions, you must be in full control of the motorcycles position and demonstrate good awareness and steering control.

In bends, the examiner will be assessing your ability to corner safely by utilising effective vision, speed and position.

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER - Motorcycle Control

  • Use a flat wrist on the throttle to maintain full control
  • Clutch control should be delicate and deliberate
  • Always select the correct gear
  • Use correct braking techniques
  • Good speed control 
  • Effective steering input at all times
  • Good balance when conducting slow control
  • Proper use of the ancillary controls
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