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Courses Module 2 Course Key Skills

22. Maintaining progress

22. Maintaining progress

The Module 2 Course is a dedicated online platform if you are taking your Mod 2 motorcycle test. This is the perfect online platform with a detailed look at each exercise.

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Maintaining progress requires good vision, planning and use of speed.

Too much speed, especially approaching junctions and in traffic, can result in poor progress, excessive braking and potential road safety issues.

The examiner will assess your use of speed, your slow control, your observation and planning in respect of how you maintain progress.

Not maintaining progress can result in both minor and/or major faults being recorded.


You will need to understand the difference between open and closed junctions, plus how to correctly approach and look early into junctions.

Practise is crucial and you are advised to seek adequate professional Module Two motorcycle training prior to test.

You are also advised to ride for yourself, as if you are not being followed by an examiner.

It is the examiner’s responsibility to keep up with you, not up to you to slow down to allow him to catch you up.

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER - Maintaining progress

  • Always look ahead to give better vision
  • Use good observations when riding
  • Planning and awareness are key to progress
  • Use the appropriate speed
  • Look early into hazards
  • Use a slow control speed at junctions
  • Maintain progress and avoid unnecessary stopping
  • Don’t wait for big gaps for you and the examiner
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