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Laura Smith Motorcycle Riders Hub Advanced Academy Advisor

Laura Smith

Advanced Riding Consultant & Motorcycle Instructor

About Laura Smith


Laura passed her full motorcycle licence in July 2012 and embarked on her first European Tour in September 2012. She was flying high and loving her new found hobby.  However, she experienced her first accident the following year, in July 2013. Plunging her into turmoil and self doubt in her riding ability. 

Fast forward 2 years after a lot of hard work and undergoing advanced training, she overcame her fears and self doubt to gain both her ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) and her first advanced qualification as an IAM Advanced Rider. 

She continued to make progress with more European tours, giving her the opportunity to ride at a higher level with Advanced Instructor and tour leader Simon Hayes. Laura was inspired by Simon’s incredible riding skills at both high and low speed and his attitude towards learning. Wanting to feel as confident as Simon, she knew that she required time and practice in the saddle.

Motorcycle Instructor

After hearing about so many horror stories amongst her female students, she is passionate about improving industry standards and road safety amongst all riders. Laura has created diagrams and Lesson Plans for CBT, DAS and ERS training for new and existing Motorcycle Instructors.

Laura enlists the respect of her peers as a Motorcycle Instructor and Advanced Rider. She has an extremely thorough and methodical training style, making her a first choice for so many students. Her passion for skill over speed, attracts both men and women seeking professional training, without bravado or intimidation.

Laura is a high-level advanced rider and over the years, she’s developed a process driven and pinpoint accurate riding style. She is constantly striving for perfection and the need to improve her own ability.

Other Stats


- 1983


- Midlands

Passed Test

- 2012

Current Bike

- Kawasaki ZZR1400

Dream Bike

- Honda Fireblade 1000RR


Other parts of the journey

Several more tours and a RoSPA Gold advanced test under her belt, saw Laura move into a Tour Guide and Advanced Instructor role with RMT Motorcycle Training, gaining experience as a group leader, marshalling and route planning. 

Meanwhile, her Motorcycle Instructor journey started just 4 years after passing her test, in 2016. She gained experience as a CBT Down Trained Instructor and a low level Advanced Trainer in 2016. By 2017, she was a fully qualified DAS and ERS Instructor. 


Women Only Motorcycle Training

Laura started Women Only Motorcycle Training in 2016, specifically designed for women riders at post test level. After having a negative experience with her peers whilst struggling with her confidence (post crash), she felt there was a need to support and improve experiences for women in riding. 

Women Only Motorcycle Training has grown from strength to strength and includes UK tours, Off-road experiences and Advanced training packages. She also attracts students from all over the country, wanting to enrol in her bespoke 2 day CBT courses, with RMT Motorcycle Training. 

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