12. Overtaking: Multiple vehicles

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12. Overtaking: Multiple vehicles

12. Overtaking: Multiple vehicles

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  • Don’t be goal orientated

    On busy rural roads and main roads between towns and cities the traffic becomes congested with slower moving vehicles or at certain times of day, like rush hour. Overtaking multiple vehicles can be very hazardous and riders are reminded not to be goal orientated and try to overtake everything in one go. The challenge here is good forward vision, planning and timing. Most riders use the power of their bike to overtake and not the power of their brain. Which category do typiu fall into?

    Don’t be goal orientated
  • Learning Points - Overtaking Multiple vehicles

    • Don’t use excessive speed to overtake
    • Take one overtake at a time and be prepared to abort and move back in
    • Do not ride too close to the vehicles as you pass, in case they move out ot overtake
    • Plan a safe return space
    • Always have an escape plan, just in case
    • Don’t ride faster than your guardian angel can fly

    Learning Points - Overtaking Multiple vehicles


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