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52. Mock Test – Route 2


52. Mock Test – Route 2

The Module 2 Course is a dedicated online platform if you are taking your Mod 2 motorcycle test. This is the perfect online platform with a detailed look at each exercise.

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  • Watch and learn how to ride the Mod 2 test

    The motorcycle test can seem a daunting prospect to start with, after all someone is watching you from behind for every mistake. It doesn’t have to be such a stressful experience, by being fully prepared and ready on the actual day, you should have bags of confidence knowing what is coming next. If during your training you have not gone through mock tests, it can feel like you are riding in the dark without the knowledge of what is going to happen or what the format is. The Mock tests give you prior knowledge so that you are aware of the whole test and know what is coming. Not every test route is the same but they have the same characteristics and you will normally ride on very similar routes and road scenarios during each test. This is because there is a test criteria that you must have completed certain exercises. The DVSA select and create the test routes, so that they are similar in duration, difficulty and delivery. By watching the mock tests you will be in a better place mentally and know what you need to do to gain a full motorcycle licence.

    Watch and learn how to ride the Mod 2 test


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