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6. Riding With One Hand

6. Riding With One Hand

By following our course program, you will become a master of slow control.

6. Riding With One Hand

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  • Balancing Skill and Style

    Riding with one hand is more than a stylish gesture. It's a testament to balance, confidence and slow riding skills.

    While it's not recommended to practise on the open road, it’s a great way to develop a feel for the bike in a safe environment. Knowing how to do it safely can showcase your expertise and mastery over your bike in slow riding situations.

    Balancing Skill and Style
  • Safety, Balance and Control Techniques

    Venturing into the art of one-handed riding. This particular lesson introduces safe practices, body positioning and throttle control. It also ensures you're both safe and competent with a good understanding of bike control.

    Grasp the techniques needed by practising regularly in a safe area, look for an empty car park. Learn how to maintain perfect balance and control, even when you’re a hand down.

    Safety, Balance and Control Techniques
  • A Stylish Skill Awaits Mastery

    Perfect the one-handed ride technique while prioritising your and your bikes safety. This exercise brings out your confidence in abundance.

    Venture beyond this page and delve into an in-depth guide to mastering this manoeuvre with skill. To ride with flair and finesse, make your move and enrol today.

    A Stylish Skill Awaits Mastery


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