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Advanced Course

Advanced Course




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The Advanced Course is the perfect online training resource and stepping stone if you want to improve your riding ability, take your riding to the next level.
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One of the UK’s most comprehensive Advanced Training Guide

The Advanced Course offers full licence riders a unique video training program to help develop riding skills. It is designed to enhance and complement professionally delivered advanced motorcycle training.

The core training videos give an in-depth look at ‘the System of Motorcycle Control‘, also referred to as ‘the system’.


At the heart of this is the mnemonic IPSGA, it stands for Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration and is used by police motorcyclists. 

For the majority of riders, this might be the first time they have looked into improving their own riding skills with advanced guidance.

The Advanced Course helps post-test and existing riders to understand and boost their riding to the next level.

How does the Advanced Course work?

This motorcycle training academy provides bespoke video guidance, covering the five main principles of the System of Motorcycle Control.

These are: 

  • Information – to make a flexible plan
  • Position – for view and safety
  • Speed – appropriate to the prevailing conditions
  • Gear – correct to deal with the hazard
  • Acceleration – smooth and deliberate control

The Key to Success

This process is key to riding a motorcycle at the highest level, you will learn how to adopt and apply this routine into your own riding and with small changes come huge results.

You will wonder how you have been riding for so long with such little knowledge.

Motorcycle Riders Hub Advanced Course members will have access to a growing platform. At your fingertips are: 

  • Advanced riding instructional videos 
  • Instructor tips and advice
  • Podcasts and audio lessons
  • Knowledge check tests 
  • A comprehensive eBook
  • Other advanced resources
  • Practical instructor-led training with our Advanced Advisors

Access 24/7 on any device

The training content can be accessed 24/7 on any device, meaning you can learn at your own leisure, in the comfort of your own home in the dark, cold bleak winter nights or watch just before you practice a certain skill.

Further to the online training material, there is an opportunity for ALL members to participate in bespoke Advanced Training Days delivered by our professional Advanced Advisors.

Most are police or ex-police riders or ride and train at the very highest level, you won’t find this offer anywhere else.

Your Advanced Riding Roadmap

  • Introduction (2 lessons)
  • Introducing IPSGA (5 lessons)
  • Cornering & Overtaking (5 lessons)
  • Other lessons (2 lessons)

Each Step features a: video, podcast, ebook download and a quiz!

Course Content

Click on a lesson heading below to view the public page for each lesson in this course. Once you become a member you can access all the training videos, eBooks, podcasts, training tips and progress tests for each lesson.


The Online Advanced Course takes your riding to the next level by focusing on advanced techniques and strategies that are not always explained that well through other training.

Through a blend of in-depth video tutorials, expert commentary and practical exercises, you’ll refine your skills in areas such as cornering by using a structured planned approach to riding.

Absolutely! Whether you’re looking to sharpen your riding skills, become more proficient in higher speed riding, or simply enjoy your daily commute with greater confidence, this course has valuable insights for everyone.

It’s designed to cater to a wide range of riding styles and objectives, making advanced riding techniques accessible to all riders who are committed to learning new skills and techniques.

Yes, even seasoned riders can discover new techniques and perspectives through our Online Advanced Course. We have been teaching riders for over three decades.

It’s a great opportunity to challenge your existing skills, break out of old habits and adopt new strategies that can make your riding experience more dynamic, safe and enjoyable.

Our course stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum developed by leading riding experts, its interactive learning approach, and its focus on real-world application of IPSGA.

Unlike other programs, we offer a deep dive into understanding what changes need to be made by using a methodical teaching practice that is a game changer for riders who want to improve.

Most riders who pass their test don’t undertake any further training, instead they read magazines or watch YouTube. Although there may be some good stuff on there it is random and not always delivered by experts, so you don’t really know if it is qualified information you are learning.

Going through a methodical process of what and how to change will ensure you are fully equipped to elevate your riding skills. This holistic approach ensures you’re not just learning advanced techniques but truly integrating them into your riding.


Pay As You Go

£9.99 /mo

No contract, Cancel anytime

● Mod 1 Course
● Mod 2 Course
● Slow Control Course
● Theory Test Academy

All this included in your membership


Curious About What Lies Inside?

Take a sneak peek at the course content before taking the plunge, get access to your Free Taster Lessons.

Join thousands of riders who have successfully improved their riding skills.



Dave Smith


Dave Henderson


Dave Henderson


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