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24. Full Test – Examiners View Right Circuit

24. Full Test – Examiners View Right Circuit

The Module 1 Course is the essential guide if you need a methodical process to learn and visualise the actual Mod 1 motorcycle test.

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The full test right hand circuit - Examiners View

The full test from the examiners view and perspective will give you an understanding of what they are looking for during the Module 1 motorcycle test.

After watching the training video lessons and understanding what you need to do, you will have a better idea of what faults look like from the examiners point of view and be able to train them out of your riding.

What's All the Fuss About!

It is not always a nice feeling being watched but if you can turn this to your advantage by being properly prepared and ready fo reach exercise, the test will be over quickly and you’ll wonder what al the fuss was about.

This sections lesson takes you through a full Module 1 motorcycle test on a right hand circuit.

This is a mirror image to the left circuit but the route is different as a result of doing the test the opposite direction.

Key Points to Understand

The slow control exercises do not differ very much, except for where the U-Turn is conducted but the riding of the circuit and speed exercises are done in different positions within the test centre.

By watching the full test being done from the examiner’s view, you will be able to visualise what you need to do to minimise rider faults.

This is a key view point to learn and understand the techniques required to pas the Module 1 motorcycle test.

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