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8. Common rider faults & fails

8. Common rider faults & fails

The Module 1 Course is the essential guide if you need a methodical process to learn and visualise the actual Mod 1 motorcycle test.

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You are allowed up to five minor test faults during the Module 1 motorcycle test.

These types of faults are deemed not to impact on safety. They are worthy of a fault and pointing out to you but not serious enough to cause safety concerns.

Minor faults can include: missed gear changes, a wobble on the bike or stalling. Being too slow for the emergency stop and/or the avoidance exercise, could also count as a minor fault. 

Missed observations can be minor faults, but if safety dictates they can be recorded as major faults, resulting in a fail. This could be an omission of a lifesaver prior to turning on the U-Turn exercise.


More than five minor Module One test faults will result in a test fail. 

One major fault will result in a fail and in most cases, too many missed observations also result in a fail.

This is because missing observations regularly is classed as an habitual fault and is showing a lack of instruction or understanding.

Major faults are looked at as serious errors, they may present some kind of danger or show a lack of ability. This may impact your or other road users safety.


  • Too many missed observations
  • Putting a foot down (depending on severity)
  • Making contact with a cone
  • Failing to complete a manoeuvre
  • Failing to reach a mandatory speed
  • An uncontrolled/dangerous skid
  • Failing to stop in the correct place
  • Taking too long to stop on the Emergency Stop


In the event of a dangerous fault or unsafe riding, the examiner will normally stop the test. 

If you have made a mistake and think you have failed, it is advisable to continue.

Your own assessment of yourself may not be the same as the examiners, in which case continue with the test as it is good practice and you haven’t failed until you are given the result.

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