8. Using the Clutch

8. Using the Clutch

By following our course program, you will become a master of slow control.

Slow Control Course

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  • The Clutch - The Key to Success

    A motorcycle's clutch isn't merely a lever, it's the vital conduit between power and motion. To master slow control, you must master the clutch.

    It's the finesse of clutch control that separates a normal rider from an expert. To be proficient you must practise and perfect the art of slow control.

    The Clutch - The Key to Success
  • The Finer Points of Clutch Mastery

    Deeply understand clutch modulation, delicate feel and feathering. You must learn how to recognise when to use the elusive biting point.

    This lesson equips you with the techniques for silky motorcycle smoothness, optimal power delivery. This will give a graceful appearance of your skill to other riders.

    The Finer Points of Clutch Mastery
  • Flawless Riding Awaits You

    Enhance your ability to truly master your clutch control. It takes time and patience but it is something every rider has hidden within them.

    With our comprehensive training guide, learn how to make all your rides smoother and safer. Enrol now and dance in harmony to the beat of your motorcycle’s engine.

    Flawless Riding Awaits You


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