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3. Course explained

The Learners Course covers essential CBT preparation, minimising novice rider stress.

Build Confidence

Master Riding Basics

Overcome Fears

Stress-Free Learning

Empower Yourself

Gain Skills, Reduce Anxiety

Safety Assured

From Nervous to Natural


The Course explained

Get your very own online motorcycle instructor, when you sign up today. Motorcycle Riders Hub has designed the Learners CBT Course to help you prepare for your CBT and first first on the road.

The Learners CBT Course is the perfect place to start if you have limited experience or have never ridden before.

It helps you understand, visualise and internalise how to ride a motorcycle for the first time. 

The training videos can be watched over and over again to help you understand what will be covered during the training day.

It gives you confidence with pre-course learning and can help you as a post course reference if you forget anything.

Content includes: 

–  Instructional videos on how to ride

–  Road ride instruction

–  Podcasts of each lesson

–  An eBook for guidance

–  Quizzes to measure progress

–  Instructor top tips & advice

–  Training footage with commentary

–  Roundabout and Junction guides

Maximise your learning potential

The Learners CBT Course is not designed to substitute practical motorcycle training, it is a learning aid to compliment and enhance your training day.

Use it before you attend to learn what to do and afterwards to elevate your knowledge, there is a lot to learn during the CBT and you will forget things.

It is likely that not everything that we show in Motorcycle Riders Hub Online CBT Course will be covered in your CBT.

This is because there is so much to learn, thats why it is such a valuable resource giving you a massive head start.

To maximise your learning potential, watch the training videos as many times as you like to understand what to do.

Enhance your learning experience by listening to podcasts, read through the eBook and complete the quiz in each section. 

An independent instructors comments

The outcome of pre learning is being better prepared and less stressed on the day.

You get more time doing practical skills without the long explanation because you already know what to do before you have a go.

“You are more likely to pass the CBT first time after watching the training videos and learning what to do before you arrive.”

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Pay As You Go

£9.99 /mo

No contract, Cancel anytime

All Courses Included:

● Mod 1 Course
● Mod 2 Course
● Advanced Course
● Slow Control Course
● Theory Test Academy

All this included in your membership



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Learners CBT

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Passed CBT Course

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