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46. Independent ride

The Module 2 Course is a dedicated online platform if you are taking your Mod 2 motorcycle test. This is the perfect online platform with a detailed look at each exercise.

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The independent ride is discussed at the start of the test, but not implemented until later.

The independent ride takes about 10 minutes and involves riding solo without any further instructions from the examiner.

Its purpose is for the examiner to assess your ability to ride safely while making your own decisions.

The Independent ride is like riding on your own once you have passed the Module Two motorcycle test.


It can be done in two ways, you will be asked to pull over and will be shown a simple map or diagram to explain a route consisting of three road directions.

You must then complete the route and find a safe place to pull over.

This process is often repeated three times to complete a 10 minute independent ride.

An alternative involves following a series of road signs. The examiner might say, “Please follow road signs to the town centre and then follow signs towards the airport.”


Preparation can be covered locally with a motorcycle training school, whose instructors will know the local test routes.

If during the test, you do not understand the instruction, you should ask for clarification.

If you take a wrong turn or start to become unsure, it is unlikely to affect the test result as long as there are no serious faults.

If you start to go wrong it is the examiners responsibility to get you back on track and on to the correct route.

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER - Independent ride

  • A wrong turn will not affect the test result
  • The examiner will keep things on course
  • Independent ride lasts about 10 minutes
  • Don’t panic, relax and observe well ahead
  • Enjoy your own ride without instructions
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