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18. Emergency Stop

The Module 1 Course is the essential guide if you need a methodical process to learn and visualise the actual Mod 1 motorcycle test.

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Module One Test - Emergency Stop

The Emergency Stop is the second of the higher speed exercises on the Module 1 test. There are speed requirements for this exercise, they are given below.

You should ride towards the curve at no more than 20 mph. This reduces the need to brake and makes it easier to line up for the best positioning during and exiting the curve. 

Look where you want to position the bike and use your peripheral vision to locate the position of the cones.

As before, locate the second cone away from the centre red cone, as this is an ideal marker to steer the bike out of the curve.

Look For The Examiner To Raise Their Arm

When exiting the circuit, look down the test centre and towards the four blue cones.

The examiner will be standing near this area, they will raise their arm to indicate when you should brake.

Be aware of how the weather conditions can impact on braking and stopping distances.

Ensure that this exercise has been thoroughly practised prior to taking the test and that you are happy with the process.

Sometimes a second attempt will be allowed if you fail to reach the required speed. 

How To Carry Out The Emergency Stop

  • Select 1st gear 
  • Carry out rear observations
  • Ride across the test centre 
  • Select 2nd gear and max 20 mph
  • In curve, position 1 mtr from red cones
  • Avoid braking and maintain 19 mph in curve
  • At centre point, look for 2nd cone (as a guide)
  • Turn towards blue cones to exit
  • Accelerate to approximately 35 mph
  • Examiner will raise hand to initiate the Emergency Stop
  • Power off and carry out the Emergency Stop
  • Once stopped, select 1st gear and await instructions
  • Examiner may instruct you to move forward
  • Select 1st gear, carry out observations and move forward
  • Stop and select neutral
  • Await further instructions

Emergency Stop - Speed Requirements

NB. Emergency Stop Speeds

In the circuit: 19 mph (30 kph is an advisory speed requirement)

At the speed camera: 32 mph (50 kph) – required, speed assessed with speed camera

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