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Just Starting Out

Get your dream job and become a Motorcycle Instructor.

Routes to become a Motorcycle Instructor

If you are new to becoming a motorcycle instructor or just looking into it, it can be a daunting prospect and very confusing. We will guide you through the process and help you on your way.

You must have held your motorcycle licence for at least three years, be of good standing without any criminal convictions and have less than 6 points on your licence. You will be asked to declare any misdemeanors when you apply to become a trainer. If you qualify and conform to the previous points, continue reading.

There are a number of ways to start your training to become an instructor. If you already teach in your existing role there will be transferable skills that will help you proceed. If you do not have any teaching qualifications, you will need to learn how to deliver lessons and teach people new skills.

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You can start in a number of ways:


Join a local Motorcycle Training school

You can speak to a local training school and ask if they are recruiting, you will have to spend many hours they’re free of charge in all weather conditions. Usually you watch for a long time and learn by watching other instructors working. 

This is not a great way to learn how to teach, you only see one lesson being delivered every time you attend, the process is slow and can become boring. You are not allowed to teach learner riders as you are not qualified or insured to do so.

A long process at the local training school.


Enrol on an intensive training course

Another way and one that is more robust, is to have dedicated training from an instructor who is teaching you how to deliver all the training lessons. You will also need to learn how to teach if you have not been a trainer in any other subject.

This method is ideal if you want a bespoke training package that teaches you all the skills in a condensed time period. You will not necessarily be qualified to teach at the end of the course but you will have the tools you need to prepare your own lesson plans and lesson delivery.

This type of course is usually a residential course and could last between 5-10 days. It is intensive and thorough, but choose with care.


The best way is a combination of methods

The final way is to use a combination of training methods to become a trainer. We suggest using an online training plan, where you can access a variety of training lessons. 

You will be able to watch the videos in the comfort of your own home, regardless of the time of day or night. You can watch the same training video time after time until you understand what to teach in each section. No more waiting for another week or more to listen to a lesson you didn’t quite understand or remember.

The other aspect of online training materials is, you get everything you need to become an instructor. Lesson Plans, Training Diagrams and online training Video access 24/7. This has been valuable to hundreds of new motorcycle instructors.

Used with a combination of a residential course after learning the online material and attending practical training with a local training school.

Compulsory Basic Training motorcycle riders hub Devitt Insurance Tom Warsop

Types of training delivery

In all cases, you will have to learn how to deliver a variety of training lessons to be able to deliver a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course. You will have to become a CBT Instructor before you can teach learners on larger motorcycles, known as a Direct Access Scheme (DAS) course.

The types of lesson delivery you will have to learn to teach are:

  • Classroom based lessons to deliver Elements A & D
  • Practical skills training for Element B & C
  • Practical on-road guidance using radio communication.

The Qualification

Down Trained certificates are issued by the Approved Training Body (ATB – training school) where you operate. You can hold up to four training certificates from different ATB’s.

Choose which one you need and we will guide you through your journey.


If you are still interested in getting your own learning material, go to Motorcycle Instructor Training Centre to begin your preparation.



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