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Want to be a DAS Instructor

Get your dream job and become a Motorcycle Instructor.

Being a DAS Instructor has more benefits

Being a fully qualified instructor opens your employment opportunities ten fold. You can take someone from CBT all the way up to the Module Two motorcycle test.

This qualification gives you a more diverse working experience, you will be able to do all on road training for people on smaller motorcycles. Those who are just starting their journey and are a little bit nervous or apprehensive, to those who are undertaking coaching for their Module 1 and 2 motorcycle tests. You will also be able to take them to test and see the delight on their face as they become a fully qualified rider.

Being more useful to the ATB has its advantages as well, there may be a higher payment plan for fully qualified instructors and a varied working week, instead of just doing CBTs day in, day out.

Motorcycle instructor training with instructor
CBT Training student with instructor

The DAS Assessment

To become qualified to be a DAS Instructor, you must have completed and passed the DVSA two day CBT Assessment. You will then be able to attend the DVSA DAS Assessment, which lasts half a day to demonstrate your ability to transition learner riders from smaller to larger machines.

You must also be able to cope with riders who are experiencing problems as a result of moving up to a bigger bike and keep them safe and risk free. This is done by gauging their ability and giving bespoke instruction in a Client Centred way. The examiner acts as a student during role play and you are expected to give a number of lessons to show that you are capable of teaching new riders on larger bikes.

A flexible training approach

You will need to have a robust training strategy that allows you to be flexible in your teaching delivery. Being able to deliver precise lessons with good interaction and then give ad hoc guidance with the changing environment. The examiner will control the timings for the sessions but you will be expected to teach at a high standard and be able to conduct any lesson that has been assigned to you.

To fully prepare you should be able to coach in three important session:

  1. Introduction to the larger machine
  2. Develop off road riding skills in a safe environment
  3. Deliver three on road riding lessons

To be thoroughly ready you should have a formulated set of lesson plans and know how to deliver training lessons in a bespoke fashion in line with the students’ needs. Further to this, you must understand methods of instruction and have a comprehensive book of Training Diagrams to help with explanation. A picture paints a thousand words.


Choose which one you need and we will guide you through your journey.


Get your dream job and become a Motorcycle Instructor, take the DAS course today to elevate your training to the next level.



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