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I want to be a DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme Instructor (ERS)

Get your dream job and become a Motorcycle Instructor.

You must be an Advanced Rider

This qualification allows you to formally train post test riders. It is the start of a customer’s advanced training journey and is extremely rewarding.

There are a number of ways to become an ERS trainer but you should be an advanced rider yourself and have enough experience to be able to pass on knowledge and information to a paying customer. There is no point passing an advanced test one day and becoming an advanced instructor the next, you have no experience at that level through the four riding seasons and different weather.

Motorcycle training instructors

Your Routes To Become an ERS Trainer


The DVSA Route to qualification

The first route to becoming an ERS trainer is to go through the DVSA route. This means that you are already a DVSA certified instructor as a CBT and DAS assessed trainer who has completed the criteria to work at an ATB. As a DAS instructor you have the skills and experience to train riders on larger machines. Combined with an advanced test certificate and an ERS theory test pass certificate, you qualify to become a DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme trainer.


A DVSA Accredited route

The second way is to attend a DVSA approved training course. This means you can become an ERS trainer by paying for a training course that the DVSA has quality assured. The course teaches you how to teach and what to teach, in order to qualify via this route to be an advanced trainer. Out of them all, the most thorough and professional route is by attending the RoSPA diploma course. It is delivered by serving and ex police riders and trainers. Once the course is passed, you will also hold a RoSPA diploma in advanced riding and teaching.


Take and pass the ERS Theory Test

The final step after this is to pass an ERS motorcycle theory test. You can then submit your application with payment to the DVSA, showing the route you have taken with evidence. You will be added to the ERS register as an approved DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme Instructor and issued with a training certificate.



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