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Down trained upgrading to a DVSA Assessed qualification

Get your dream job and become a Motorcycle Instructor.

DVSA assessed and certified instructor

If you are already a Down Trained Instructor the next progression is to become a DSVA Assessed Instructor.

What and who you can teach does not change but you can also train new instructors and sign them off to be Down Trained Instructors for the ATB where you operate. With the DVSA Assessed certificate you can also open your own training school.

You can still only train learner riders riding up to a 125cc undergoing CBT or on-road training.

This qualification is a stepping stone to becoming a DAS Instructor. If you want to progress to teaching learner riders on larger bikes you must become a DVSA Assessed Instructor before you qualify for the next stage.

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Motorcycle instructor training

The DVSA Assessment

The DVSA Assessment lasts for two days, you should already be a proficient instructor with experience and knowledge. You should not attend the course to see what it is like as a trial run as you will almost definitely fail. If you were to fail a second attempt you will have to wait 12 months before you are permitted to have further attempts.

The assessment is to look at your ability to train a learner rider, using a Client Centred Learning approach. You will be required to teach a variety of lessons within the CBT syllabus, the examiner will assess your methods of instruction and ensure you are ready to be signed off as a DVSA Assessed trainer.

Further to this, you will be expected to Down Train and critique other instructors following their delivery of training lessons. You will need to demonstrate your ability to develop other instructors in order for you to pass the assessment. This is because you will be allowed to train new instructors once back at your own ATB.

You must be fully prepared

You will need to demonstrate a good understanding of all lesson deliveries, understand and show good methodology in teaching methods. Show that you can teach, identify faults and give remedial advice and coaching, keep control of a new rider both in the training area and on the road during the road ride sessions and finally to develop the skills of another trainer.

This requires thorough preparation and an eye for detail. A good selection of training aids and delivery methods will be a huge advantage to passing the two day assessment. Do not attend this assessment under prepared, the fail rate is extremely high!

  • Methods of Instruction for motorcycle trainers
  • Cone layout for Element C
  • Training Diagrams for Element E
  • CBT Lesson Plans – the full syllabus
Motorcycle training rider cornering

The Qualification

DVSA Assessed certificates are issued by the Approved Training Body (ATB – training school) where you operate. You can hold up to four training certificates from different ATB’s, you are permitted to down train other instructors as well as teach CBT to learner riders and on road training restricted to 125cc.

Choose which one you need and we will guide you through your journey.


If you are already a Down Trained Instructor the next progression is to become a DSVA Assessed Instructor. Click the button below to start now!



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