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Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands

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November 2021 When I first started learning to ride, my CBT instructor asked me if I had a biking dream. ‘I’d love to ride an Enfield,’ I confessed. As I heard it pass my lips, it seemed an impossibly big dream. At the time, I was still struggling with clutch control on a Honda 125 […]

Lanzarote: My First Hairpin Mountain Ascent, December 2021

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As in life, there are moments riding when you pause at a junction and decide whether to take the easier road or the one you know will scare the bejeezus out of you. I reached such a place on the island of Lanzarote, riding alone on a rented Honda Rebel 500. Already I had done […]

My First Road Trip: South Devon

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I passed my MOD2 in the morning and bought a bike in the afternoon: a gleaming, sapphire blue Suzuki Gladius. She arrived two days later. A week after that, I set off on my first road trip. I went to Devon, riding solo, taking in hills, coastal roads, severe bends, a car ferry and three […]

Passing The Motorcycle Test

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Test Day Adventures on a new Suzuki SV RMT are upgrading their fleet of 650s. Some of the older Gladius bikes are going, replaced by gorgeous Suzuki SV models, and I was given one of them to do my MOD 2 test. I confess this threw me for a moment. Yes, she was a beautiful […]

France 2015 – Day 5

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Our last breakfast in the Chateau is always a sad time, a month would be too short a trip but we always know there is another trip next year or in a few months depending on when we are there.  After saying our goodbyes again we headed to the coast road, we rode to the […]

France 2015 – Day 4

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Breakfast in the Chateau again and a spot of sightseeing organised for the day. The day consisted of visiting the landing beaches of Utah, Juno, Gold and Sword to get a flavour of Normandy for a future trip for visiting and seeing the area in more detail. Lunch was booked at Barneville-Carteret, if possible we […]

France 2015 – Day 3

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Another late start for everyone after a late night, the Chateau is a great place for being sociable and sitting chatting until the early hours. Breakfast was served by our hosts, starting with cereal and coffee and finished off with croissants and fresh bread with lashings of butter and local jams. The ride down the […]

France 2015 – Day 2

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We had a late breakfast in the Chateau due to the late arrival. Afterwards we took a familiarisation ride around Normandy, we found some nice roads to get into the swing of things and to acclimate to riding on the right hand side of the road again. First thing in the morning after breakfast, we […]

France 2015 – Day 1

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This France tour was in its seventh year and as a celebration to those who had attended previously, the trip was invitation only. The invitation went out to some selected customers of RMT Motorcycle Training who had helped me over the years and also to a number of regular tourers who had enjoyed a number […]

Montenegro 2019 Final Log

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Now everyone is home it is time to reflect. I’d like to say a huge thank you to the guys on the trip and the two people who helped to make it happen. Thanks to Laura and Ginge for helping to make the trip run so smoothly. Without their help with routes, leading and some […]

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