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Montenegro 2019 Final Log

Montenegro Flag

Now everyone is home it is time to reflect. I’d like to say a huge thank you to the guys on the trip and the two people who helped to make it happen.

Thanks to Laura and Ginge for helping to make the trip run so smoothly. Without their help with routes, leading and some group guidance it would have been a more challenging task, probably impossible! We very quickly got into a good routine and rhythm, which meant we worked really well as a team.

Thanks to the two Scotsmen who came on the tour, Sieve and Deeds. You guys had a bit more distance to travel than us but losing Deeds was a blow to the group as he’s a fine chap and great to have around. The riding was absolutely great once again and Sieve ain’t bad either, it was really nice to catch up with an old army pal from 1984 too.

The two Nigels, nicknamed the double act. What a great pair of guys to have around, fun and frolics all the way and some great riding from you both, along with a brilliant atmosphere during our social stops. Thanks for your company and input into the group.

Dad Dave, always a pleasure and some great riding. He is like a good bottle of wine, he get better with age! I’m glad he came along to enjoy (or endure) the experience, as it’s always a laugh a minute when he is about.

Russ, what can we say. The trip was cut short but he coped remarkably well in very testing conditions, he shouldn’t let it put him off future touring because it was demanding and challenging at the same time. Some very tough riding was done, that even the more experienced guys found difficult at times.

The essential facts:

  • 3,700 miles were covered
  • 12 countries travelled in or through England to France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and finally Montenegro (and Scotland for two riders) 
  • 14 days in total
  • Starting with 9 riders and finishing with 7
  • The weather ranged from freezing cold to boiling hot, I’m sure we had 0 degrees somewhere along the journey, all the way up to 38.6 degrees in Croatia
  • Sun and heat to torrential heavy rain and thunderstorms, gail’s blowing us all over the place and then some absolutely perfect days where it was 20 odd degrees and overcast, which was just perfect

It was a very tough trip, there are always new experiences and challenges to learn from and that’s what drives me personally.

The bit that sticks out in my mind for me is travelling from Trieste in Italy to Karlobag in Croatia, on my own at 00.30am to 03.15am. Travelling through 2 borders and traversing three counties. The temperature dropped to just above freezing in the mountains in Slovenia to 20 odd degrees in Croatia, the ride was in almost complete darkness for most of the way on very twisty and demanding roads. For me, it doesn’t bear thinking about if I’d have had an incident myself.

Thanks for reading.

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