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France 2015 – Day 1

French Flag

This France tour was in its seventh year and as a celebration to those who had attended previously, the trip was invitation only. The invitation went out to some selected customers of RMT Motorcycle Training who had helped me over the years and also to a number of regular tourers who had enjoyed a number of tours with us.

This tour was very different, it was going to be known as the ‘gastro tour’ and a more holiday-like feel to it rather than the usual training delivery and coaching. The riders were told they could do their own thing or explore the area in groups, or go along with the flow and just enjoy the ride.

There were 10 invited people to make it a very small and selected group as a thank you and also to make it a very cosy place to be in the Chateau with plenty of space to spread out. 

Ferry Crossing

Outbound:  Portsmouth to Caen – Depart Thursday at 14.45 hrs, Arrive 21.30 hrs

Inbound:  Caen to Portsmouth – Depart Monday at 16.30 hrs, Arrive 21.15 hrs

The essential facts

  • Return ferry crossing
  • 4 nights bed, breakfast and evening meal
  • Evening entertainment – muppetry awards for the day’s events
  • Money required for fuel and lunch

The Day’s Events

We departed Redditch at 09.00 hrs to ride down to the port in Portsmouth. We aimed to arrive in Portsmouth midday-ish, to catch the ferry at 14.45 hrs which would then dock at 21.30 hrs.

The evening meal was onboard the ferry and I would be treating myself and the instructors to A la carte to start the gastro feel of the trip. Others were free to join us but not everyone did.

After we disembarked (approximately 2300 hrs) we rode straight to the Chateau for a nightcap and headed to bed after a long day.

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