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Doing My Module 2 Test

Training for the Module 2 Motorcycle Test

Training for the Module 2 Motorcycle Test

With the Module 1 motorcycle test done and dusted, it was just the final hurdle of the Module 2 test to clear. I was feeling confident and up for it. I felt ready for this next test and worried a lot less about the Module 2 test than I did about the Mod 1 test. 

I did have a final training day to prepare for the Module 2 motorcycle test, although at the time I didn’t really feel that I needed it. 

This was a good day and did feel like it was just dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s. It was probably right that I did this extra day and it was worthwhile, as I had learned more about the test and went into the test day feeling pretty confident.

On test day

The examiner was not riding a bike and would be following me in his car. Unusual, I thought, but not my problem. I would just ride and do what I needed to do. My instructor told me it would be easier as he would be so far behind and not so tuned in to what I was doing. This is because he would see as much in the car as he would on the bike.

This made sense, as he was so far behind and when there were cars between us, I doubt he saw anything at all!

I don’t recall much of the test itself. It didn’t seem that hard, which is down to thorough practice and good preparation by my instructors. I had also practised a lot on my own bike which included ny daily commuting into Birmingham for work.

Motorcycle Training Instructor and student


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In reflection

Reflecting on my training experience overall there are several points that are clear to me now:

  1. I undoubtedly benefited from the early version of the video training. I feel I was lucky enough to experience this product in its infancy and have access to it. It has grown and become a UK-leading product for learner riders preparing for motorcycle training.
  1. The excellent experience from my training school who encouraged me throughout my training. They always had time for me if I wanted to discuss anything or had any worries that needed some advice or clarification.
  1. Training over the winter proved to be invaluable. I’d far rather experience difficult weather conditions for the first time with an instructor beside me, than be caught out by myself in a situation I’d not experienced before. 

The enjoyment is clear – What next?

I now enjoy riding in all seasons, not just the summer. I take account of the weather conditions, dress appropriately and like the fact that they scare me.

In fact, I’ve had some cracking rides in the spring and autumn on clear dry days, with improved visibility due to less vegetation and less traffic on the roads. I wonder if my attitude would have been different if I had trained in the summer months; but so glad I didn’t.

So, I passed my Module 2 motorcycle test first time… relieved… elated… and now needed to know, what’s next?

Written by Moira Day (female rider)

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