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Doing my Module 1 Motorcycle Test

Training for the Module 1 Motorcycle Test

Training for the Module 1 Motorcycle Test

I have vivid memories of practising for the MOD 1. I was lucky that my training school took me to practise at the Multi-purpose Test Centre (MPTC). I always like to fully understand things before I do them.

Early signs of a new way of training

I was also fortunate to have access to an early pre-version DVD produced by Simon Hayes. It took me through the elements of the MOD 1 test, this was both from the rider’s and the examiner’s view.

I found this really helpful and enabled me to be more comfortable with the environment than I otherwise would have been. 

This also meant I could recap on the training in between sessions and also clarify what I had to do. It took away a lot of the worry about doing it wrong.

It’s important to study

I had looked at the layout of the test centre on both the training school and DVSA websites and read about the manoeuvres that are required. This gave some information but it was pretty limited. 

I did speak to other bikers about the test, but I was cautious about this and to be honest I didn’t ask too much. Second hand information is only one person’s perception and that isn’t always right, or may be not right for you. 

The MOD 1 video was an extremely useful tool that supported my preparation for taking the MOD 1 test.

A huge help

The early version of the video produced by Motorcycle Riders

Hub helped me understand what would be expected from me in each of the exercises.

It was helpful seeing this from the examiner’s view as well as from the rider’s view. Whilst the DVSA website gave me an overview of the test, it did not give me the level of detail and instruction that the video provided.

The benefit of the video was that it talked you through the manoeuvres and gave you tips on how to do them. I felt that I could prepare for the Module 1 Motorcycle Test and understand the exercises without having to think about riding the bike at the same time. 

Study at my own pace

I could take small chunks of information at a time at my own pace. I found I could fit this study around other commitments and go back and review specific elements when I wanted to.

I felt most prepared for the slow control exercises and these can also be practised more easily in one’s own time (although I didn’t really do much of this, I could have done it if I felt I wanted to).

I was slightly more unsure about the cornering, controlled stop, etc. Although I was happy that I understood the layout of course, this section of the Mod 1 Test is harder to practise on your own.

My introduction to the MMA

I remember my first practice visit to the DVSA test centre. It was also my first day on a big bike and my instructor gave me a mock test at the Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area (MMA) as soon as I got there.

I was only slightly nervous / apprehensive about this and was able to complete the mock test. I was reasonably comfortable with the layout and surroundings, including the surrounding distractions (trains & planes) as I had seen this on the DVD. 

The video had helped a lot with what would be expected from me in each of the exercises. I understood what was said to me and knew what I had to do; the practice sessions at the actual test centre and the DVD had removed any of the nerves that come with the ‘unknown’.

Motorcycle Training Instructor and student


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Pre course study

I was asked to be a guinea pig to see if the videos would prepare me for the Mod 1 Motorcycle Test. I’d been given the early version of the online supporting training as a DVD and been asked to watch this over a period of a week or so.

I was then going to be taken to the test centre and without any practice, go straight into a mock test. This was going to be without any advice, just the information the examiner would tell me on the actual test.

At the time I didn’t know that Motorcycle Riders Hub was going to help riders from all around the country to prepare for all their motorcycle training. This professional and educational platform is amazing for learner riders.

Failed on one thing – The Avoidance Exercise

I failed the mock test on one thing only, by not achieving the speed on the avoidance exercise by 2 kph. 

This was put down to having only been on the bike for a few hours and was not yet completely comfortable on the bike. Further time during training would overcome this lack of experience on a large motorbike.

I felt really confident and ready for the test, from just watching the videos. It helped me learn, understand and visualise the actual test centre. Nothing was new to me and I felt ready to take a test without actually seeing the test centre before I arrived there.

Mod 1 Test day

Test day! All seemed fine until close to the test centre, I dropped the bike braking for a pedestrian who was crossing the road and broke the clutch lever. That was the end of the day as we didn’t have a spare bike or clutch lever. At least I hadn’t failed the test.

Test day – second attempt! I managed to drop it again practising a U turn close to the test centre. Fortunately no damage to the bike! I was nervous until I started the test.

Once the gate closed I felt ‘in the zone’. All of the first set of slow control was the best I had ever done, pushing the bike was a doddle and the figure of eight felt controlled. 

I picked up two minors during the whole test – one for commitment on the emergency stop and the other was slightly too slow through the speed trap. 

Interestingly these were the manoeuvres that had been harder to practice. On reflection, the preparation using the video meant I was able to approach the Mod 1 Motorcycle Test more calmly.

I was prepared for it and was comfortable with both the environment and the elements of the test.

Written by Moira Day (female rider)

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