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The Making of Motorcycle Riders Hub – Promo Video (part 3)

The Making of Motorcycle Riders Hub - Promo Video (part 3)

The Making of Motorcycle Riders Hub – Promo Video (part 3)

From a very early stage the number of people we needed to pull the promo video off was going to be three. That was going to be three riders who would take the different characters we had come up with.

We could have had more but we would have needed more filming time, more money and more people. Although we were on a budget we decided we could not extend filming days given the deadline we had imposed on ourselves. 

A young rider to act as a learner

Firstly we needed a young person who could play the part of a new rider. They would be playing the part of someone who was completing the CBT and required a motorcycle as a means of transport to get to work. 

The other point to this character was that they needed transport to get to work but it would also give them freedom and the ability to go where they wanted, when they wanted. They would no longer need to rely on family members to act as a taxi service for them. This was their time to spread their wings and start their own journey of freedom.

The bug had bitten

However, what really happened to Justin (character’s name), is that the bug had bitten and our young rider was caught up in motorcycling, hook, line and sinker. This was now going to take over his world and all his spare time as he wanted to become as good as he could be.  

Justin would be watching The Learners Academy – CBT Course, the study and learning more about riding was to appear to take over his life while he was getting into it (like so many riders who get so engrossed in it and become obsessed).

This is exactly what happens when people become so passionate about their new found love and hobby. They immerse themselves so much that they are absorbed and become addicted to it.

A female rider in her thirties

The next person to find would be a young female called Kate. This was to show females that riding a motorcycle really wasn’t just for the guys and women can do it too. Not only that they could actually be much better and ride to a high standard with the right training and education.

She had gone through and completed her motorbike training and used the Learner Academy Online Module 1 and Module 2 Courses, to prepare for her motorcycle practical tests. 

A new found passion

Her new found love for riding had taken over her life. She became obsessed and she progressed quickly to a Kawasaki ZZR 1400. She thought about riding all the time and even found herself at work day-dreaming for hours about twisty roads and riding with friends. 

Gaining a new love in motorcycling and a fantastic new social life, she had turned into an accomplished rider by hard work and determination. She studied hard, did a lot of home study and really put the effort into learning and applying her new found skills.

Motorcycle Training Instructor and student


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Then we needed an older guy

Finally we found a born again bike in Ray, an older guy who had a grown up family. He found himself in a rut, working from home, had a good lifestyle, some excess funds and the realisation that something was missing. 

He dreamt of excitement and fun, recapturing his youth by purchasing his brand new Ducati. It was his pride and joy, he’d find himself in his garage alone with his bike. It could not have been polished any more than it was, otherwise it would be polished down to the metal of the tank!

You could eat your dinner from it

The bike has very quickly become his new love. It had taken centre stage in his life and as an older guy with boring routines in his normal day job, this gave him the chance to escape. He really cared for his motorcycle, it was his and he adored it.

He’d been a Biker in his early years before becoming a married man with children and used the Advanced Academy online Advanced Course to brush up on old skills and learn new methods that were never taught in his day. 

His passion engulfed him and the constant thought of riding helped him through the mundane day to day chore. He had a highly successful career but that didn’t particularly tick his boxes anymore, he wanted fun and adventure.

My thanks to the riders

My sincere thanks to the riders who gave up their time at short notice. They were all prepared to drop what they had planned just to help out and make sure things went as well as possible. Take after take ensured we had the perfect video ready to be cut.

Trystan Finocchiaro – Sky Sport presenter

My thanks go to Trystan Finocchiaro who played the part of our young learner rider. Actually Trystan is far from a novice rider as he has been racing for a number of years in the Thundersport series and aims high for the near future of moving up to BSB level racing. 

He’s also been on the WSB circuit and knows his way around the European circuits, now he presents on Sky Sport.

Laura Smith – Owner Women Only Motorcycle Training

Also special thanks to Laura Smith, a dedicated instructor and owner of Women Only Motorcycle Training. She excels in post test Motorcycle coaching to enhance, improve and give confidence to female riders. She took time out of a heavy schedule to help out and be part of the team.

Laura’s passion is helping riders at all levels but she specialises in helping female riders who have a motorcycle licence and want to get to the next level or gain confidence to get out of a rut. The Mentorship Programme is a huge success and she travels to ladies homes to deliver bespoke courses and training.

Dave Smith – Business Owner

My final thanks goes to Dave Smith, a bloody lovely guy who gave up his time from running his business Baldwin Garage in Bromsgrove to help out. 

He dropped everything at the last minute to help us adapt the program and schedule because of poor weather conditions. His help and his company are really appreciated. 

He’s an avid rider who like everyone else has far too many motorcycle clothes and accessories in his house. Anyone would think he was collecting motorcycle gear to start up his own clothing business.

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